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‘Ia ora na e maeva !

Welcome to the artistic Conservatory of French Polynesia website. 

Created in 2009 by the Director M. Fabien Mara-Dinard, the international workshop of traditional arts takes place twice a year in our establishment. Once in November during the Hura Tapairu period and the other one in July, during Heiva i Tahiti. 

Originally called the “Ori Tahiti Training Course”, the workshop consists of : 

  • 1 week of intensive training 
  • 3 classes including dance (‘ori tahiti), music (himene) and percussions (to’ere, fa’akete, pahu) 
  • 1 final exam in front of a professional jury (group performance) 
  • 1 certificate of participation delivered to the trainees (please note that this certificate does not equal a diploma certificate from the Conservatory) 

A decade later, the goal of the workshop is still the same : to enable overseas students to master the basic steps of the traditional dance (‘ori tahiti) but also, to be initiated to the musical atmosphere of French Polynesia. 

Thus, we really value the authenticity of our classes thanks to our talented teachers, who were amongst the best students of the Conservatory : 

  • Mrs. Vanina Ehu, gold medal in 1992
  • Mrs. Vaehakaiki Urima (aka Moon) gold medal in 2000
  • M. Toanui Mahinui, traditional studies diploma in 2016
  • Mrs. Kahealani Tsong, traditional studies diploma in 2022


During the workshop, you will be able to attend ‘ori tahiti, himene and percussions classes. We will send you the schedule weeks ahead so that you can organize your stay in Tahiti. 

The price for the workshop is 40 000 FCFP so approximately 333 US $. It is possible to pay by bank transfer or directly at the Conservatory when you arrive (by cash, credit card etc.).