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Examens de fin d'année au Conservatoire Te Fare Upa Rau : Kahealani Tsong, médaille d'or 2022 des classes de 'ori tahiti, et six nouvelles élèves diplômées !

mardi 28 juin 2022

End of year exams at Te Fare Upa Rau Conservatory

Kahealani Tsong, 2022 gold medalist for 'ori tahiti classes, and six new graduates!
The results of the end-of-year exams for 'ori tahiti classes were released on Monday, June 27: seven students from the traditional arts section graduated.
The jury, which took into account the results of the dominant test - the dance, free and compulsory - and the compulsory credits for all candidates - awarded the 2022 diploma in traditional studies (D.E.T.) to Kahealani Tsong, who becomes so the new Te Fare Upa Rau gold medalist after Meili Chang Chen Chang, who graduated last year in 2021.
In addition to the graduation diploma, the jury also had to judge the students presenting themselves for the traditional patent (B.E.T.), the first diploma of the course leading to the D.E.T., and the C.F.E.T., the Certificate of traditional studies, the intermediate diploma.
Two students obtained their certificate with mention "very good": Teanavai Chang Sui Fat and Kellian Mutlu, who will be able to present their C.F.E.T. next year.
Have obtained their C.F.E.T. four students: three of them received the mention "Very Good" - Klara lefoc, Amanda Mendoza Zapata and Masami Kawashima - and the fourth, Tainatea Voirin, the mention "Very good unanimously by the members of the jury".
These four students will have two years to take the gold medal exams.
The management of the Conservatory sends its congratulations to all the students, and its thanks to the teachers of the Conservatory and to the musicians of the traditional orchestra of the establishment, who have accompanied them throughout the year.
In pictures:  (Kahealani, by Stéphane Sayeb for Capf/22) gold medalists

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