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mardi 21 juin 2022
TAHITI, CONSERVATORY (21/06/2022) - This is a highly anticipated show for the general public and culture lovers: led by Olivier Lenoir, the TAHITI IA RURU TU NOA troupe presents "PI'I FENUA" and will perform five times, during July, on the Marae Arahurahu, at Paea (pk 22.5).

The ticket office for the shows, which will be held on three consecutive weekends from Saturday July 16, 2022 (3:45 p.m.), has just opened at the usual points of sale: the Carrefour, Radio1 and TiameFM stores at Fare Ute (Tel: 40 434 100), on site on performance days from 2 p.m. and online at the following address: www.ticketpacific.pf

It is a story of land, a story of brothers, a story of battle. The Tahiti Ia Ruru tu Noa troupe will perform on the Arahurahu marae in July. Pi’ifenua is inspired by a legend on the site that Mirose Paia, the author, Moearii Darius and Olivier Lenoir, the founders of the troupe, found in the archives of the heritage service. "We don't know the story of this marae and we wanted to find it. When we find ancient legends like these, the interest is to make them known. There are so many things that we still don’t know… When we find stories, we want to share them,” explains Moearii Darius. Through this show where two warriors, ignored brothers, will fight for the land and the place of leader, Olivier Lenoir wanted to talk about "the call of the land", "the return to origins". “Are we not deeply connected, body and soul, to the earth, whether we like it or not? It is the land of our ancestors that becomes our land by inheritance, but not only. If only we could hear this call of the earth, if we could follow this inner force that pushes us to return to it, to be reconciled with it; to appreciate its dignity and benefits, to look at it differently, to maintain it, to fight to keep it, to protect it and to unite all of us together to pass it on to the future generation", is it written to present the theme of the show. A particularly topical theme for Olivier Lenoir: “In families, we fight for a piece of land, the land divides. We must respect the land, be united. »

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